Arts & Crafts

  • Bernard Liégeois (Photographer)

    Bernard Liégeois (Photographer)

    Bernard Liégeois began his career with 20 years of travel and meetings in many countries. During this period, he wrote his diary "on films". In...


  • Florence Begni (Decor & Landscape)

    Florence Begni (Decor & Landscape)

    The "Regards & Paysages" association is based in Lecques, between Sommières and Quissac. Florence Begni set up her miniature landscapes workshop under the medieval vaults...


  • Françoise Rebord (Potter)

    Françoise Rebord (Potter)

    Françoise Rebord, a potter craftswoman, invites you and welcomes you in her pottery, labelled "Art of France workshop". She shares with you her know-how, tells...


  • JNO Talamoni (Artist)

    JNO Talamoni (Artist)

    Jean Noël Talamoni is a renowned artist who declines his talent in several arts, according to his inspirations: painting, sculpture, interior design. However he specialised...


  • Le Camarguais (Cutlery)

    Le Camarguais (Cutlery)

    The founder of this family-owned business is also the creator of this local handmade knife "Le Camarguais". Didier Lascombe and his team welcome you in...


  • Michel Tombereau (Painter)

    Michel Tombereau (Painter)

    Michel Tombereau is one of the most famous local painters, whose fame transcends borders. This artist is regularly requested to create the official advertising posters...


  • Olivier Pozzo (stringed-instrument maker)

    Olivier Pozzo (stringed-instrument maker

    Located in the south of France, in Languedoc, on the heights of Nimes on the edge of the scrub, Olivier Pozzo’s workshop smells of precious...


  • Placide Zéphyr (Artist and Performer)

    Placide Zéphyr (Artist and Performer)

    Placide Zéphyr is an artist and a performer. She pursues her passion through diverse forms of art (painting, modelling, engraving, etc.) and also develops her...


  • Roland Pinot (Woodcarver)

    Roland Pinot (Woodcarver)

    Roland Pinot, woodcarver, makes you discover his artistic approach, which combines aesthetics and contemporary techniques. He explains you how he gives modernity to the wood,...