Heritage & Gardens

  • Beaucaire


    Beaucaire, labelled "Town of Art and History" has the Rhône River running through it and is situated in a landscape called "Terre d’Argence". It is...


  • Maison de la Garrigue

    Maison de la Garrigue

    Between Nimes and the Pont du Gard, in the village of Marguerittes in a bioclimatic building from a High Environmental Quality label, the "Maison de...


  • Nîmes


    Nîmes is a crossroads in the South of France. This town marks the link between Provence and Languedoc on one hand, and the Rhone Valley...


  • Sauve


    Situated between The Garrigue (scrublands) and The Cevennes Mountains, 20 minutes from Sommières and 30 minutes from Nîmes, Sauve is a unique, vertically-built, medieval village....


  • Sommieres


    The Vidourle River flows through Sommières which is situated between The Cevennes Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, 27 km from Nîmes and 28 km from...