Unusual Activities

  • Altearah Bio (Cosmetics)

    Altearah Bio (Cosmetics)

    The owner, Gaël Briez, invites you to an inner journey ... He presents you the unique concept of the range of new generation of cosmetics,...


  • Asinerie des Garrigues

    Asinerie des Garrigues

    A small journey to the medieval village of Sauve in the Gard, between Nimes, Alès and Le Vigan, and here you are, in the Asinerie...


  • Ensemble Calliopé (Orchestra)

    Ensemble Calliopé (Orchestra)

    The orchestra Calliopé was born in 2008 under the leadership of his Chief, Laurent Richard. It was then composed by ten musicians. Now became a...


  • La Table Gourmande (Cooking Workshop)

    La Table Gourmande (Cooking Workshop)

    Jérôme and Virginie welcome you, in their restaurant, with enthusiasm. The Chef Jérôme Gonthier offers a workshop based on local gastronomy made with fresh products....


  • Lou Gacecano (Cooking Workshop)

    Lou Gacecano (Cooking Workshop)

    At the back of this delicatessen shop, you come into the world of Cédric Bernard. This talented Chef shares with you his passion and introduces...


  • Morenito de Nîmes (Bullfighter)

    Morenito de Nîmes (Bullfighter)

    Bullfighting attracts attention and provokes curiosity. For many people, it remains mysterious... its codes and rituals are not always understood. For those who wish to...