Arts & Crafts

  • Amador (Painter)

    Amador (Painter)

    Pierre Amador is an international artist and a professional one since 1975. He is eclectic, open and shows a certain sensitivity in his work. During...


  • Anaïs Leclere (Ceramic)

    Anaïs Leclere (Ceramic)

    Anaïs Leclere is a ceramic artist from the heart of the Cévennes, at Saint-Jean du Gard, in the valley of Mialet near Anduze. She creates...


  • André Combot (Cabinetmaker)

    André Combot (Cabinetmaker)

    The cabinet-making workshop of André Combot is situated in the Gard, at the top of the medieval village of Vézénobres, between Nimes and Alès. This...


  • Chantal Bossard (Artist)

    Chantal Bossard (Artist)

    In a lovely place, Chantal Bossard, makes you discover, with enthusiasm, her world and shows you her original creations: paintings, books, artists' books, jewelry, photos,...


  • Couteaux Giraud (Artistic Knives)

    Couteaux Giraud (Artistic Knives)

    In the heart of the Cevennes, in a hilltop village close to Le Vigan, you can meet Claude Giraud, a specialised blacksmith-cutler. In his workshop,...


  • Eric Lindgren (Glass Blower)

    Eric Lindgren (Glass Blower)

    Eric Lindgren is a glass blower coming from the Great North ... Born in Sweden, he settled in the South of France 20 years ago,...


  • Françoise Sayet (Leather Craftswoman)

    Françoise Sayet (Leather Craftswoman)

    It's in the Gard, between Ales and the gorge of the Ardeche River, in an house with character and made of stones, in the old...


  • Jan Fairbairn-Edwards (Paper Artist)

    Jan Fairbairn-Edwards (Paper Artist)

    British-born, Jan Fairbairn-Edwards, a paper artist, draws her inspiration from the environmental protection as well as the nature that surrounds her. She welcomes you into...


  • Kanel Brosi (Sculptor)

    Kanel Brosi (Sculptor)

    Kanel Brosi is an artist who has a multiethnic culture due to both her origins and her background. She mainly carves wood, she works with...