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Vis iT DifferenT... a different french tour!

Local Products

  • Domaine de l’Orviel (winery)

    Domaine de l’Orviel (winery)

    In Saint Jean de Serre, between Anduze and Nîmes, the Orviel winery, "Or Vieil" (Old gold) in the Occitan language, is spread over a hilly...


  • Domaine La Deveze (winery)

    Domaine La Deveze (winery)

    Laurent Damais will welcome you to his stately home which is situated in the village of Montoulieu, close to the town of Ganges (Hérault) at...


  • Rucher-Tronc (Tree Trunk Beehives)

    Rucher-Tronc (Tree Trunk Beehives)

    The Rucher-Tronc d'Arrigas (tree trunk beehives), located at the foot of the Cevennes Mountains, in the hamlet of Arrigas, near Le Vigan, are part of...


  • Sweet Onions (Bruno Ruas)

    Sweet Onions (Bruno Ruas)

    Bruno Ruas is a producer of "sweet onions", first onion in Europe to benefit from the label PDO, in The Cevennes. He invites you to...