Arts & Crafts

  • Christine Labeille (Artist)

    Christine Labeille (Artist)

    Christine Labeille, sculptor, artist and ceramist, works from photos, landscapes and characters as well as imaginary topics. As material she uses sandstone, resin or iron...


  • Jean-Yves Delille (Stained Glass)

    Jean-Yves Delille (Stained Glass)

    Jean-Yves Delille, restores and creates stain glass windows in his workshop, "Vitrail Toucouleur", which is is situated in La Capelle-et-Masmolene in the Gard, between Remoulins...


  • Talya Vitrail (Stained Glass)

    Talya Vitrail (Stained Glass)

    In 2006, Brigitte Lormée Bordier set up her workshop, "Talya Vitrail", in the village Les Angles in the Gard, situated on the edge of Avignon...


  • Valerie Nicoladze (Mosaic)

    Valerie Nicoladze (Mosaic)

    Mosaic started, for Valérie Nicoladzé, as the favourite means of expression and became gradually a passion ! It's also a funny activity, an art that...