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Arts & Crafts

  • Bénédikt Aïchelé (Jewel Designer)

    Bénédikt Aïchelé (Jewel Designer)

    Bénédikt Aïchelé is a jeweller who imagines, creates and makes all his items. The jewel that he prefers is the ring. And thanks to his...


  • Emmanuel Bertrand (Potter)

    Emmanuel Bertrand (Potter)

    The pottery workshop of Emmanuel Bertrand is situated in the small medieval village of Lussan, between, Uzès and Bagnols-sur-Cèze. This ceramic artist will open the...


  • Joel Desmet (Art Caster)

    Joel Desmet (Art Caster)

    Joël Desmet is a specialised craftsman. In his foundry, Artfonte, in Castillon, a stone's throw from the Pont du Gard, he will show you a...


  • Nathalie Falaschi (Stained Glass)

    Nathalie Falaschi (Stained Glass)

    Nathalie Falaschi, a stained glass and glass artist, created her workshop Atelier CLUZ "Couleurs et Lumières de l'Uzège" a few kilometres from the Duchy of...


  • Nathalie Huet (Ceramic)

    Nathalie Huet (Ceramic)

    Nathalie Huet, who has been a ceramic artist for more than 20 years, creates and makes light, extremely thin and delicate items out of sandstone...