Local Products

  • Atelier du Café (Coffee Workshop)

    Atelier du Café (Coffee Workshop)

    Julien Hurard’s coffee workshop is situated in Uzes, close to Nîmes. He has a unique method as he uses the last and oldest coffee roaster...


  • Domaine des Couderousses (winery)

    Domaine des Couderousses (winery)

    The winery "Domaine des Coudérousses" is run with enthusiasm and fervour by Philippe Moutet who represents the 5th generation of wine producers in this familial...


  • Domaine Reynaud (winery)

    Domaine Reynaud (winery)

    Luc Reynaud's cellar is situated opposite two castles in the village of Saint-Siffret, a few kilometres from Uzès. The winery's 60 hectares of vines are...


  • Domaine Rouge Garance (winery)

    Domaine Rouge Garance (winery)

    In 1996, Claudie and Bertrand Cortellini, along with the famous French actor Jean-Louis Trintignant, created the winery "Domaine Rouge Garance". It stretches over 28 hectares...


  • Moulin Paradis (Olive oil mill)

    Moulin Paradis (Olive oil mill)

    For 4 generations, the Moulin Paradis, old mill of the Portal estate, situated in Martignargues, between Alès, Uzès and Nîmes, allows visitors to discover an...


  • Moulin Soulas (Olive oil mill)

    Moulin Soulas (Olive oil mill)

    Created in 1932 in Aubussargues, then transferred in 1953 to Collorgues, between Nîmes and Uzès, the Pont du Gard artisanal oil mill has always been...


  • Ruchers de l’Uzege (Beehives)

    Ruchers de l’Uzege (Beehives)

    "Les Ruchers de l'Uzège" (Uzège's Beehives) is a family run business situated in Sanilhac between Nîmes, Uzès and the Pont du Gard. In this business,...


  • Soleil des Capitelles (Olive oil cellar)

    Soleil des Capitelles (Olive oil cellar)

    "Soleil des Capitelles" is the story of olives, olive trees and passion but it is also the story of a family. Today, Laurent Ribot is...


  • The truffieres of Uzes

    The truffieres of Uzes

    Through young plantations or in the shade of half-century-old oak trees, it's in the heart of truffle plantations that an encounter with Michel Tournayre, a...